Types of Moving Services a Cross Country Mover Can Provide

Types of Moving Services a Cross Country Mover Can Provide

Moving Company Services

While no move is an easy task, moving across the country can seem especially daunting. Even the thought of hiring professional movers can make your imagination run away with the potential costs and all the steps involved.

Fortunately, professional movers are there to help when you need them, providing an array of moving services and solutions to help make your transition easier. Although every company is a little different, you can get complete assistance from cross country movers, allowing you to customize your move from door-to-door.


Full-Service Moves

Cross-country moving companies always prefer to provide a full-service move because it allows them to maximize their services and make the process easier for homeowners.

Of course, you can still pick and choose which services you need, if you don’t want a full-service move. A door-to-door move will include all of the steps in the process, such as:

Packing and unpacking

Long-distance shipping services

Loading and unloading

Storage for short-term, long-term, and permanent needs

Piano moving

Furniture transport

Vehicle transport and shipping

In many cases, it is best to combine the comprehensive services available to get the most assistance in your move.

Plus, most people have enough other stuff going on during a move that the actual moving is something they don’t want to deal with. That’s why full-service moves are usually the popular choice for people moving across the country.

Additional Moving Services and Supplies

Movers should also offer a variety of supplies and equipment to assist with a move, as well as other services or “a la carte” service options. For example, you can hire two laborers with a dolly to help you load all of the heavy items before the rest of the movers come.

You can also have a storage pod delivered to your home to be filled with your belongings, picked up, and driven to your new home or a storage facility of your choosing.

Companies may have specialty item packaging or moving support, which can be great for fragile keepsakes unique items that don’t fit into your typical moving packing list. Rather than trying to find your packing materials and boxes, you can count on your cross country moving company to bring everything that you need for your big move. If you are doing the packing yourself, see about having boxes and packaging material delivered up to 2 weeks before the move so that you have time to get everything ready to go.



Moving across the country is a big process, and you should take all the help that you can get along the way. Call movers as soon as you can to get started on the process of setting up and planning your cross-country move.

The more time you have to prepare, the smoother things will go on moving day. Plus, you will allow yourself time to set up extra services like vehicle transport, storage, and specialty item moving needs so that everything and everyone is ready to go when your moving day arrives.

5 Best Auto Insurance Companies and Agencies in North and South Carolina

5 Best Auto Insurance Companies and Agencies in North and South Carolina

Best Car Insurance

Auto insurance is essential for your car because it provides coverage in case of a crash. Shopping around for car insurance can be difficult, particularly if you are not familiar with these companies and agencies. You should seek the best company or agent that offers excellent premiums at an affordable price. The following list outlines some of the best auto insurers and agencies in North and South Carolina.

1. Alonzo Middleton

This is a well-known Allstate Insurance Agent based in Orangeburg, South Carolina, providing auto and other insurance services. You can get the agency’s office in 1712 Saint Matthews Road Orangeburg, South Carolina 29118. Alternatively, you can call the company and speak to a licensed agent at (803)536-6185. Alonzo helps ensure that your insurance costs stay low and finds you discounts.


2. Driver’s Choice Insurance

This insurance company is committed to serving the people of South Carolina. You can get an insurance quote by calling them at 800-624-8532. Alternatively, you can also visit any Driver’s Choice Insurance location to speak with an agent in person. For instance, Charleston Car Insurance based at 1836 Ashley River Road helps Charleston drives secure the best rates on auto insurance in the state. Driver’s Choice offers a variety of car insurance choices as well as Emergency Roadside Assistance packages that include battery and tire replacement and free tows.

3. Blackmon Insurance

Blackmon Insurance one of the top insurance agencies serving the people of North Carolina, providing auto insurance services in both North and South Raleigh. In North Raleigh, you can visit its office at 4280 Louisburg Road or call the insurance agency: (919) 875-8500. Alternatively, you can either call South Raleigh insurance agents at (919) 231-8131 or visit its office based in 3416-110 Poole Road. Blackmon Insurance will help you find the appropriate coverage regardless of your financial history.

4. Upside Insurance Greenville

Find the best SC car insurance coverage at Upside Insurance Greenville based in Greenville, SC. Upside allows you to shop rates from the top insurance companies in South Carolina including GEICO, Farmer’s, Allstate, and more. By comparing quotes from the best insurers in the state, you can find excellent coverage for less. While their central office is in Greenville, Upside agents are happy to help you with coverage statewide. Call an agent at (864) 568-0139, or visit the site and request a quote.

5. Clark Insurance

You can visit Clark Insurance at 4004 Barrett Dr. Suite 206 Raleigh or contact the agency through 919-844-2995. Clark Insurance provides excellent insurance coverage for people in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company will also provide you with credible advice about the components of the insurance policy to ensure that you have protection from unexpected incidents like accidents or hail damage.


Before hitting the road, find insurance coverage from the best car insurance agents in North and South Carolina. Our recommendations help you locate quality coverage at an affordable price. They’ll also guide you through the insurance application process, explain coverage options, and help you with the claims process.

How to Transport or Ship Your Vehicle When Moving Long Distance

How to Transport or Ship Your Vehicle When Moving Long Distance

Shipping Your Vehicle

Every year across North America, thousands of households encounter a dilemma. How should someone transport a vehicle across long distances during a relocation? Though it’s an issue NASCAR teams face on a regular basis, getting your car across the country probably isn’t something you think about very often. If you find yourself facing this challenge, you might consider one of these five solutions:

One: Drive Your Vehicle on a Long Road Trip

If you’d prefer to take your vehicle along with you to a new residence, you might consider driving it to its destination. For instance, some households with multiple automobiles travel to a destination in one car and then send one (or more) drivers back to retrieve another vehicle from temporary storage. A long drive might require several days to complete, yet this simple method frequently provides an affordable option for transporting multiple vehicles.


Two: Tow Your Vehicle

Do you feel inclined to tow your auto? Most pickup trucks and SUVs possess sufficient horsepower to tow another, the lighter vehicle behind them. If you choose this method of shipping, you’ll want to plan your journey carefully. Check with the department of motor vehicles in every state or province along your route in advance to ensure your towing arrangements comply with local transportation laws. This method of moving a car to distant locations often proves highly cost-effective.

Three: Hire a Professional Moving Company

Today, relocating households enjoy numerous options for hiring professional driving companies to transport vehicles. This option may enable you to obtain the use of your vehicle fairly quickly after your arrival in another location. Depending on your destination, this service might remain a comparatively expensive option, however. Reputable professional driving companies conduct extensive background screens of their employees, and they also pay significant auto insurance costs. You should research movers carefully, using tools like those provided by Cheap Movers Charlotte, before entrusting your vehicle to this form of transportation.

Four: Ship Your Vehicle in a Container

One popular method for relocating a vehicle during a household move involves shipping the auto as cargo within an enclosed truck or container. Many shipping companies offer this specialized service. You should expect to wait several weeks for your auto to arrive at its intended destination. Some experts recommend obtaining additional insurance coverage protection for your vehicle, too. This method of shipping costs significantly more than using an open carrier.


Five: Ship Your Vehicle in an Open Auto Carrier

Finally, you can also transport a vehicle long distances by hiring an open auto carrier company