To racing fanatics around the world, the chance to be part of a NASCAR team may seem like the ultimate dream job. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in exciting races full of speed and adrenaline? But to those who actually work as part of a NASCAR transport team, life isn’t quite as glamorous as it may seem. In fact, it’s said that a transport team member has one of the toughest and most thankless jobs in the entire racing industry. To better understand the life of a NASCAR transport team member, you’ll need to learn more about world of NASCAR and why transport haulers have the most stressful, yet most important, role to play on race day.

Transporter Rig

The primary function of a NASCAR transporter and crew is to get the race car to the track on time and in perfect condition. Without the auto transport team, the race car driver wouldn’t be able to race at all!

There’s a lot of manpower needed for maintaining and navigating each transporter rig. According to one NASCAR transporter profile, each transporter is up to 80 feet long ,and the truck and trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. That’s a lot to be responsible for! Each transporter can carry two race cars, a slew of parts and tools, and features both a sleeper cab and an office area within the trailer. When you’re living and working on the road, these small comforts are crucial.

Transporter drivers have a lot of responsibility when hauling a large rig.
Transporter drivers have a lot of responsibility when hauling a large rig.

Driver Duties

The transport crew is typically made up of two people: a driver and a co-driver. Both are responsible for the physically and mentally demanding task of operating their massive transporters during long trips, which can span over ten hours in a single drive. The distance covered can be the most difficult and exhausting part of the job! When it comes to a transport crew member’s schedule, veteran NASCAR hauler Dean Mozingo summed it up nicely: “We go out before everybody and we get home last.”

Between every race, transport drivers make the long haul back to their team’s home base to restock their rig with food, uniforms, laundry, and sundries. Car parts and tools are usually swapped out in preparation for the next race due to differing track conditions. And in addition to their long hauling duties, transport drivers may also be members of the pit crew or even serve as a team cook.

Drivers may double their duties by helping out as a pit crew member.
Drivers may double their duties by helping out as a pit crew member.

Team Benefits

When a NASCAR driver wins, the whole team wins! And as part of a winning team, a transport crew member enjoys many benefits that include special parties thrown by sponsors and receiving valuable commemorative gifts. Most would say that the biggest perk is the win itself, as a huge amount of pride comes from being part of a NASCAR team.

NASCAR crew members, especially transport drivers, are also seen as stars by many of the NASCAR fans on the road. One of the best parts of their job includes meeting new racing enthusiasts and taking photos with excited fans. Many racing fans understand that these behind-the-scenes guys play an important role in making their favorite sport happen.

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