Every year across North America, thousands of households encounter a dilemma. How should someone transport a vehicle across long distances during a relocation? Though it’s an issue NASCAR teams face on a regular basis, getting your car across the country probably isn’t something you think about very often. If you find yourself facing this challenge, you might consider one of these five solutions:

One: Drive Your Vehicle on a Long Road Trip

If you’d prefer to take your vehicle along with you to a new residence, you might consider driving it to its destination. For instance, some households with multiple automobiles travel to a destination in one car and then send one (or more) drivers back to retrieve another vehicle from temporary storage. A long drive might require several days to complete, yet this simple method frequently provides an affordable option for transporting multiple vehicles.


Two: Tow Your Vehicle

Do you feel inclined to tow your auto? Most pickup trucks and SUVs possess sufficient horsepower to tow another, the lighter vehicle behind them. If you choose this method of shipping, you’ll want to plan your journey carefully. Check with the department of motor vehicles in every state or province along your route in advance to ensure your towing arrangements comply with local transportation laws. This method of moving a car to distant locations often proves highly cost-effective.

Three: Hire a Professional Moving Company

Today, relocating households enjoy numerous options for hiring professional driving companies to transport vehicles. This option may enable you to obtain the use of your vehicle fairly quickly after your arrival in another location. Depending on your destination, this service might remain a comparatively expensive option, however. Reputable professional driving companies conduct extensive background screens of their employees, and they also pay significant auto insurance costs. You should research movers carefully, using tools like those provided by Cheap Movers Charlotte, before entrusting your vehicle to this form of transportation.

Four: Ship Your Vehicle in a Container

One popular method for relocating a vehicle during a household move involves shipping the auto as cargo within an enclosed truck or container. Many shipping companies offer this specialized service. You should expect to wait several weeks for your auto to arrive at its intended destination. Some experts recommend obtaining additional insurance coverage protection for your vehicle, too. This method of shipping costs significantly more than using an open carrier.


Five: Ship Your Vehicle in an Open Auto Carrier

Finally, you can also transport a vehicle long distances by hiring an open auto carrier company. Many auto dealers use these specialized trucks to convey automobiles to dealerships. You should prepare to wait several weeks for your car to arrive at its destination if you select this method of transport. Additionally, sometimes vehicles shipped in open trucks sustain minor dings and scratches from flying roadway debris during the journey. Ensure you maintain adequate insurance coverage.

A Reliable Process

Many excellent options exist for relocating vehicles today. Your unique circumstances, available resources and preferences will determine the best method for your purposes. With careful planning, auto shipping can occur seamlessly!

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